Surfacing Initial Sales Performance Trends


The goal of this project is to surface preliminary sales data, which includes an initial pipeline of early product users. The early adopters are small to medium sized businesses, mainly within retail, food and nightlife verticals. There are three main aspects of the initial data:

  1. Surveys, conducted by market researchers, feed into the pipeline as leads if merchant provides consent;
  2. Pipeline (EAPs) data, which focused on conversion;
  3. Market saturation (or what part of the target market is being captured), as scoped by Yelp listings.


The main challenge is creating a foundation of Sales reporting that can scale with the rapid changes in processes, technologies and goals.

1: Setup Reporting in Google Sheets

Google Sheets becomes the starting point, since it allows for fast iterations. The reporting started as a flat file that captures rudimentary survey and pipeline data.

2: Visualize Data and Surface Early Trends in Tableau

Every week, the flat file is exported and updated as a data source in Tableau for a week end review.

3: Switch to Google Data Studio to Improve Visualization

To allow for real-time dashboard updates (while using existing technologies / without incurring additional costs), the visualization is moved to Google Data Studio. The underlying data connection still reference Google Sheets.

4: Use Brand Colors

The switch to Google Data Studio coincides with the release of company style sheets. The visualization redesign adopts the recommended color palette and gradient styles.

5: Surface Initial Trends

Using Yelp as benchmark, specific market verticals are investigated to understand market capture.